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The character of Merlin has been opened for application! For any of you writers/role players out there who love the show and character, feel free to apply for him now!!

There are also several other open canons, as well as many possibilities for made up characters! Check out the cast list HERE!

For anyone who is interested, Welcome To Camelot is hosting a graphics contest! The theme is Episode Posters, which basically means that you create a Merlin poster based on any episode in the series! The submissions will be gathered and the creater remains anonymous while others vote on which they like best!

You do not have to be a member of the forum to participate! Just submit the poster to me the poster through this blog and it will be counted with the others!!

For more information on general entries, CLICK HERE! For more information on this months challenge, CLICK HERE! The deadline for entries is July 21st!

If you have any questions about the contest, send me an ask any time!!

Hello everyone! We just wanted to invite any writers, or Merlin fans in general to join Welcome To Camelot!! Whether you like role playing, reading fics, making and/or viewing graphics, talking about the show, or meeting other Merlin fans, this forum is the place for you!! 

For any writers, we do have TONS of available canons which include: Merlin, Gwaine, Percival, Leon, Lancelot, Gaius, Uther Pendragon, Morgause, Nimueh, Annis, Elena, Vivian, and the list goes on! Click HERE to see the list of who’s available and who’s taken! Made up characters are also welcome!!

Hope to see all you Merlin fans there!!!

The member who played Merlin on Welcome To Camelot has recently stepped down due to personal issues. Therefore, the character is open for application!! We can’t have a Merlin role play without a Merlin so if anyone is interested at all, you’re more than welcome to apply for the character!! Hope to see you there!!

  • AU [Alternate Universe]: this refers to plots that step drastically outside the canon ones. On the forum, there is a board called ‘What If’ that contains these such plots. An example of this would be: a plot where Merlin’s father doesn’t die and instead, returns to Camelot to stop the dragon attacks. AU’s can include anything, including modern day plots.
  • AV [Avatar]: this refers to the icon on the left hand side of your posts and profile. It is typically an image of the character you are role playing . AVs/icons can be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels.

  • Canon: this refers to anything that is directly from the series that the role play is based on. For example: canon characters would include Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Guinevere, Morgana, etc. Canon plots include: one where Arthur is coronated as king, or where Merlin’s father dies.
  • CB [Chat Box]: this  refers to a place where members can directly chat with on another about anything at all! Whether it is about the show, general things, etc. In character chats can also take place and can make for some great fun and silly times. The CB s open to anyone who wishes to chat, including guests. There is a separate set of rules for the CB that can be found on the forum. 
  • Custom Title: this refers to the text under your username. It can be anything related to your character (a quote, a few words of description, etc). Members are permitted to choose their custom title once their application has been approved.
  • FC [Face Claim]: this refers to the celebrity/model that you use to portray your character. For example: Morgana’s face claim is Katie Mcgrath. If you make up a character, you can choose which face claim you would like. You can find a list of which ones are taken on the site.
  • Hex Color Code: this refers to six numbers and/or letters that create a color. You can find a wide variety of hex color codes online, and a selection of them can be found on the forum. For example: Merlin’s hex color code is DBC69A. Arthur Pendragon\s hex color code is gold. Everyone has a different color that they post in to make their profiles stand out and look unique. 

  • IC [In Character]: this refers to writings (even short comments) that are stated from your character’s point of view. All role play threads are IC, and sometimes comments in the discussion board s can be IC too.

  • Karma [Exalt/Smite]: this refers to a point reward system on the forum. When you karma  someone, they gain a point, when you smite someone, they lose one. Generally smiting is not permitted as it can be discouraging and upsetting for members who notice that their points are dropping. You can exalt people for any sort of reason: if you like their writing or a specific post they did, if they did a favor for you, if you just like the way they are, etc etc! Just keep in mind, that you have to be a registered member to do this, and that you can only exalt someone once per hour

  • OC [Original Characters]: this refers to characters that are not actually in the show, they are also referred to as ‘made up characters’. With these, you are the freedom to select a celebrity to play your character,  the name, personality, status, history, etc. There are some rules and limitations to OCs which you can find on the site, but for the most apart, you are a lot of creative freedom with them.

  • OOC [Out Of Character]: this refers to writings (even short comments) that are stated from you and not your characters point of view. Most discussion boards on the forum are OOC, but also, you can make out of character comments in your actual threads, but wrtiting ‘OOC’ and then your comment at the bottom of your post. I.e. [OOC: Sorry that this post is so short!]

  • RPG [Role Play Game]: this refers to the entire concept of taking  a character and writing from their, and only their, perspective. It allows you to delve deep into the characters thoughts and emotions based on your own interpretation of the character.
  • Signature: this refers to the image that will show up at the bottom of every one of your posts. It is typically an image of the character you are role playing. You can also add text to it if you like.

  • Threads: this refers to each categorical selection of posts, themed by what the general topic is. For example: role play threads can be seen as the equivalent of fanfics, as each one contains a different plot. Discussion threads are ones where members can casually chat  about things, based on what the intended subject is for the thread. For example: a discussion thread can be titled ‘Series Finale’ and that thread would be designated for talking about the series finale for Merlin.
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